About us

Barathrum History

With foundations laid down since the year 1994, Barathrum Arms has been a constant name in the Turkish local market for two decades since it was founded. Based on the positive reviews that were received during this period, Barathrum Arms decided to open its doors to the outside world since the year 2014. Till today, Barathrum Arms is committed to producing the highest quality products for our clients all over the world.

With a 10,000 square meter factory located in Konya, Barathrum Arms Company has been expanding gradually ever since it was founded with the help of our ever present and ever hard working employees who put their passion and craftsmanship into producing high quality products all the time. On top of this all the products go through a high standard quality control system that makes sure the products are manufactured under the CIP restrictions.


The Barathrum Arms Company is specialized in the production of various types of shotguns both for the law enforcement and the hunting department. We have the capability of producing 4000 to 5000 shotguns per month and the number could rise according to the client’s needs or urgency.Using some of the best raw materials in the business like 4140 hardened steel on the barrels and 7075 aluminum on the receiver makes the products durable and can be used for a long time, all our products do come with a 3 year guarantee on this matter.

We also pay a major importance to our customer’s needs by standing behind our products and providing an-after sales services where we supply unlimited amount of spare parts to our clients whenever they need them. Our versatility in the production area is also a major advantage because apart from the products that we specialize in, we can also customize our shotguns with regards to the client’s desire.


So far Barathrum Arms has exported its products to around 25 countries around the world and we plan to increase this number every year by producing high quality products for our well esteemed customers. Our aim is to rise and become the number 1 Turkish shotgun manufacturer both locally and internationally. By paying utmost care to our customer’s needs, we believe that we are on the right path to our goals..